Waffled Egg Omelet

I was struggling to make a great dinner one night for me and my boys while my husband was at work. Since I was on the Whole 30, I was eating completely grainfree, glutenfree, dairyfree, and sugarfree, and I do not subject my kids to that when I am doing it, which usually means we all end up eating different things. My boys love breakfast for dinner, and admittedly, I love that because its rather easy to pull off fast after a busy day. I knew I couldn’t have waffles that day, as they had requested, but I keep seeing videos on Facebook that say you can waffle just about anything in a waffle iron. The possibilities are endless. You really can waffle just about anything.

I moved on to making glutenfree waffles for my boys, then willed myself, yet again, not to eat one. While their waffles were baking, I rummaged through my fridge again for my dinner and decided on eggs. There’s nothing better than Burroughs Family Farms eggs! When I opened the waffle iron to remove my kids’ waffles, I thought about adding my eggs to the waffle iron instead of eating them scrambled. It was worth a shot.

So I used some coconut oil spray in my waffle iron, dumped in some whisked eggs, chives, s&p, closed the lid, and hoped for the best.

Waffled Egg OmeletAuthor: Kindra A Pigott-Franzen, bonappetitpaleo.com


  • 2 large Burroughs Family Farms organic eggs

  • ¼ C diced chives

  • S&P

  • 2 T OMGhee or butter

  • Hot sauce (I use Tabasco)


  1. Preheat waffle iron. I used a round 8″ Belgian waffle iron for this. Adjust accordingly to your iron size.

  2. Grease waffle iron really well. I used coconut oil spray.

  3. Pour in 2 large whisked eggs filling up the wells. If your iron is larger, add more eggs.

  4. Top with ⅛ C chives and s&p.

  5. Close waffle iron & cook according to manufacturers directions.

  6. Remove carefully. Top with ghee so that it melts into the wells of the waffle. Top with chives and hot sauce.