New Flavored Milk from Burroughs Family Farms

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Burroughs Family Farms is a 5th Generation Family Farm based in the Central Valley in California. Over one hundred years ago, the Burroughs Family came to California and started their dairy in the Delta. In the 1970’s the family moved to the Central Valley and has been expanding their operations ever since. They have grown into the organic almond, organic olive oil, and cheese industries as well. Since 2005, Burroughs Family Farms has been USDA Certified Organic. Their operations are based in regenerative agriculture practices and sustainability.

“Our family has always had a passion for learning and sharing their knowledge of farming and all that it entails. We are fortunate enough to have been able to pass down our farm to our children who have helped us grow and reinvent ourselves with a changing industry,” said Ward Burroughs, Patriarch of Burroughs Family Farms.

Last year they launched their cream-top, whole milk that has had great success. The milk is vat pasteurized and non-homogenized; as a result the milk has a layer of cream on the top and a much richer flavor. Each of the new flavors is sweetened with Maple Valley Cooperative’s Organic Maple Syrup and contains only Organic ingredients. All of our milks are USDA Certified Organic and certified by the California Milk Advisory Board as Real California Milk. At Expo West in Anaheim this March, Burroughs Family Farms will be showcasing their new milk products. They will be launching three new milk flavors that are all made with Burroughs Family Farms cream-top whole milk. Most notable of the new flavors is the Organic Lavender milk.

Burroughs Family Farms Flavored Milks

“A lot of market research went into deciding what Organic Milk flavors we wanted to launch. The chocolate & chai flavors became obvious front runners in the beginning,” says President of Burroughs Family Farms, Benina Burroughs. “The lavender is a refreshing and creative flavor that we are very proud to bring to market. It is not something you will find on every shelf and that is part of why we decided to launch with this flavor as well”

In addition to the Organic Lavender milk, Burroughs Family Farms is launching an Organic Chai and Chocolate Milk flavors as well. The Organic Chocolate milk is made with Equal Exchange Cocoa and has a hint of sea salt to bring out the flavors.

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Burroughs Family Farms Lavender Milk

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