Burroughs Family Farms featured in Bay Nature

Burroughs Family Farms was recently featured in an article about farmers & climate change titled 'Centers of Insurrection': Central Valley Farmers Reckon With Climate Change

Originally from Bay Nature & KQED Science

This article is written by Mark Shapiro, the author of Seeds of Resistance 'The Fight to Save Our Food Supply

Burroughs Family Farms fights Climate Change
Ward Burroughs in a Burroughs Organic Almond Orchard

You can read the full article here:

Here is an excerpt:

"On an average day on the Burroughs farm outside of Denair, about an hour’s drive southeast of Modesto, you might witness the surprising sight of cows wandering amidst the almond trees. Chickens might peck their way by. And most definitely there will be plenty of free-spirited birds and bees and insects flickering across the scene, not to mention flowers and grasses unbound on the ground, making for a thick under mat amidst the rows of trees."