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Organically Raised Meat


We get turkey poults in June and raise them up through the last part of October or early November.  They get fresh pasture every day. $6.99/pound.


The Burroughs own three grass-based dairies. Each farm manages their respective herd almost entirely on pasture, maximizing the symbiotic relationship between the soil, the grass and the animals. Cows graze year around under MIG, a method that employs rapid, intense grazing episodes, followed by three weeks of rest.


Our meat birds are raised in Salatin style pens.  We raise the birds during the spring and early summer when the grasses are at their peak.  They are moved daily to forage on fresh pasture. We sell whole chickens for $4.50/pound.


Our pigs are raised near the dairy parlor.  They are fed organic milk and pasture.  For part of the year they are supplemented with organic hay.  They are provided plenty of open space and fresh air.

Our meat is available for pickup only.

If you would like to place an order fill out this form or call us at