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Farm-Fresh Organic Eggs

Organic Eggs
Our pasture-raised, free-range, certified organic eggs are the delicious result of our hens' diverse diet and outdoor life with California sunshine!

Where can I buy BFF Farm-Fresh Certified Organic Eggs?

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San Francisco

Rainbow Grocery

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East Bay

El Cerrito Natural Grocery

Berkeley Natural Grocery

Market Hall

Monterey Market


V Miller Meats

Sac Natural Foods

healthy | nutrient-dense | organic eggs

As a passionate advocate of organic farming, Burroughs Family Farms is proud to present its organic pastured eggs. Our free-roaming hens and their delicious, healthy eggs are the end product of our farm’s balanced ecosystem. The chickens spend their days foraging for a diverse diet as they follow the rotational grazing of milk cows through open green pastures to help promote healthy soil and animals.  The supplemental feed does include organic soy, organic corn, and organic wheat.